Tests & Examinations

Evaluation of students’ learning achievement is carried out for scholastic and co-scholastic areas.

The evaluation system of the school is in accordance with CBSE guidelines.

To evaluate scholastic areas there are Periodic Assessments and Term-end Examinations.

Term-1 ( 1st April – 15th September)

  •  1st Periodic Assessment (in June)
  •  2nd Periodic Assessment (in August)
  •  Half Yearly Examination (in September)

Term – 2

  •  3rd Periodic Assessment (in December)
  •  4th Periodic Assessment (in February)
  •  Annual Examination (in March)

Assessment of Scholastic Area

In scholastic areas, the assessment tools are –

  •  Subject – wise content based pen-paper test
  •  Subject enrichment activities like project work / case study / field visits / group activities etc.
  •  Class / Home Assignments
  •  Reading / Speaking / Listening skills assessment activities
  •  Lab Work and Viva – voce

Assessment of Co-Scholastic Area

The assessment of Co-Scholastic area is the Teacher’s observation based evaluation of social development, behavioural development and character building of the child.