The Principal

Education is a great tool to bring positive change in the society. Children need to equip themselves with this tool to understand the world and to work for its betterment.

We discover, develop and draw out the dormant talents of our students and prepare them for future challenges. We have a strong team of teachers who take responsibility of our students’ learning, achievements and failures.

Our mantra is ‘MISTAKES ARE FINE’. We encourage the students to take a plunge in the vast ocean of knowledge and come out successful by learning from their mistakes.

Our students ask questions more than they answer. These curious minds keep us on our toes, by asking anything and everything. So, the teachers constantly update themselves and are ready to satisfy students’ hunger for knowledge. Smart classes, online classes, webinars, experts’ views, seminars and workshops provide a platform to the students and the faculty to reach the zenith of their talents and potentials.

In today’s dynamic world, a 360 degree development and grooming is of supreme importance. Through our magical campus environment, we have been contributing and enriching our country with future leaders, social workers, scientists, artists, sportspersons, motivators, entrepreneurs and professionals.

Mrs. Vidya Rani